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Among individual investors, speaking of the hottest topic now, still FX, I think in the foreign exchange margin trading.

Big investment also possible FX at a fraction of the principal is, consistently for those who want to increase the assets, for those who want to make big profits in hand, we would say that it is the investment method that is worth consideration Both.

In the ultra-low interest rates is followed by Japan of the current situation, this until the word was common sense "savings is what most solid investment" of the word "savings are of course important, but in order to protect the money should also be considered investment." taken there while been replaced in.

It is in evidence, while the number of individual investors is increased.

Also it has become more and more low hurdle to become a private investor.

Ordinary housewives, businessmen after retirement age, young people, rather than as a special thing, we have begun to invest.

FX also, it is by no means the investment approach is for the part of the professional.

Who is also a simple begin to ease investment.

Of course, unlike the savings, more than an investment, but there is also a case of loss comes out, information and good use of, if we learned to like it can be said that the FX of tips, to protect the assets in FX, build assets it also will be able to.

Here, let's describe your mental attitude for the FX, which now does not fail in people who begin the FX.

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When you start the FX, it is what will want to collect anyway a lot of information. ... The likely information affecting the exchange rate even a little

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If you do not even loss, because I mean that, but intends how income Sukunakaro profitable, so you can convince. Other ...